ON DECK 2020/21


What a year 2020 has been already. At times we weren't sure if On Deck would make it through.. We decided to keep pushing and look at ways how we can build a better customer experience and better brand for our customers.. 

2020 will see some changes in how we do things.. This is to ensure we can get the best value for our customers but ensuring we can become a leader in the Australian Baseball market..

Our plan for 2020/21 is to go full custom mode.. All our batting gloves, fielding gloves, compression sleeves etc will be all custom made to the clients request.. We are also excited to add some new products to our line very soon!

Firstly lets start with our Batting Gloves!!

Previously our custom batting gloves we had a minimum order of 10 batting gloves... We are excited to announce as of late October we will be able to singles. You will now be able to have your very own one of a kind pair of batting gloves.. To ensure we keep the costs as low as possible we will be doing our custom batting glove orders once a month.. 

We will also be doing limited edition batting gloves along the way. We are exploring our options to work with charities, as well as local artists to bring you some awesome batting gloves that you wont be able to get anywhere else. 

There will only be a slight change to the way you will order your custom fielding gloves. Like our batting gloves, we will have a monthly cut off date to get your orders in... 

Keep an eye on our socials for up coming products.... 

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